Value creation on retail data

In this subproject Antonia Steigerwald investigates the practices and imaginaries on transaction data in the field of swiss retail marketing.

People leave digital footprints behind when they go shopping. Data about what they bought, when and where they bought it, as well as maybe other information, such as their movements within the store or website, and information about the persons with whom they shared the purchase. This purchase data becomes the subject of practices to learn about the clientele and to engage or, if necessary, exclude them.

Digital payment options serve as a link between consumer data and on-site consumers. This is possible, for example, by using the app or scanning the customer card, as this allows customers to be identified and their purchase history to be linked to their personal data. Retail companies are pursuing programs to collect customer data and shape customer relationships. Part of these programs are narratives, technologies as well as specific practices.

What are the information or communication systems, infrastructures, and practices, what are the expectations and requirements, and who are the actors operating inside the organizations? Moreover, how retail companies construct «customers» what perspective they develop, and what practices they adopt are all questionable. My research on these points aims to answer the following question: How does transactional data alter customer relationships?