The value creation of transactional data

Payment in the Swiss retail sector is widely digital today: almost 65 percent of transactions in brick-and-mortar stores are made with a debit or credit card or with a smartphone. The digital payment infrastructure offers retailers and payment providers the opportunity to develop customer relationships.

FOCUS In this subproject Antonia Steigerwald investigates the value creation from transactional data and loyalty programs with a focus on retail. Expert interviews, and ethnographic field work at industry events will be used to investigate a) how the practices and mechanisms of the digital economy are changing the physical retail, and b) how the transactional data, stored on data management platforms, are monetized in a new retail media market.

GUIDING QUESTIONS What are the current developments and challenges in the field of payment (experience)? How has the infrastructure for data collection and knowledge extraction about customers evolved into a new market over the past decade? How are the data from relational embedding and personalization monetized? What is the role of payment innovation in the digital economy of physical retail?